Temporary Staff

Our temporary staff can be deployed in quick time to meet your interim needs to address immediate staff shortages arising from unexpected absentee workers. Our temporary staff services are an ideal way of finding skilled staff to start work immediately on an interim basis.
When a client requires a member of staff to work with them on a flexible basis which is typically for a fixed term to cover increases in unexpected workload of the organisation, or to replace staff who may be ill or on maternity/paternity leave.

Fixed Term Contract Staff

We have qualified staff across various categories of health and social care to meet fixed term contract staffing requirements for a specified period of time. Our fixed term contract staff are ideal for getting the job done in any area of work. Royale Health Care fixed term solutions offers professionals from a wide range of backgrounds with current industry knowledge and practice. We have a fair and equitable policy for fixed term contracts that has both the interests of the employee as well as the client. We do not treat fixed term contract staff any less favourably than permanent employees.

Permanent Contract Staff

We are a leading staffing supplier to organisations and private hospitals of all sizes to fill permanent contract roles across various profiles including GPs, Nurses, HCAs, Support Workers and Care Workers . We also meet requirements of health science roles as well as admin and clerical vacancies. We supply high calibre professionals for health and social care organisations across the United Kingdom. We work across a wide spectrum of public and private sector healthcare organisations, from national and regional healthcare institutions and hospitals to small, independently-run private facilities.

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